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Thought of the day

When you think you need hastle least, is probably the time you need it most. Because you have most to learn from it.

It's not about winning OR just playing the game. There is a game. It's your game. And it's about letting it play you.

Stop searching and you will be found. Stop seeking and you will arrive.

True compassion is not something to intend, it is not dogma or mantra, it arises by thoroughly exploring inner resistances to it.

Never fear making mistakes, they fuel creativity, providing we learn from them!

Take a chance. Be the divinity that you are.

If not now, when?

You can't instill trust. You have to confront your fears and build from within.

It is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning how to dance in the rain!

Feel the ancient wisdom of whale-medicine calling you through the depths, aligning you with Mother Earth's Ascension.

In times of disharmony, find the contraction within, soften into it; then infuse expanding peace and freedom.

Let your eye see the truth, but let it attune to love.

How ever our uprising is tainted or controlled, love will always find a way!

Once bitten twice shy? Time to get over it. That's just conditioning!

The divinely aligned way to change our world is to change ourselves.

Let your present to yourself be presence!

Let's not hide from injustice. Let's embrace it within and send loving compassion throughout the world.

There is a worldwide revolution of consciousness going on. What can you do to be a part of it?

We do not get rid of darkness by fighting it. We bring light into it and thereby dissolve it.

The new earth already exists. We simply have to find it within our hearts.

All acts of true authenticity come from the silence within. Go deeper still!

When the going gets tough, the spiritually tough get going: they soften and open up more!

In life's labyrinth every moment reveals something. Are you always conscious of what you're doing and why?

To interpret your dreams, you must access feeling more than thought. Let your intuitive knowing flow.